Nowadays mall is not only a place where we can shop, but awe can do anything in there like eat, hang out, watching movie, working out and many more. Realizing that many people looking for something fun in mall to refresh their mind and body after work, a lot of exciting event are held by mall like music concert, dance competition or workshop. No need to go some places far to have fun because mall provides everything that we need.

Exciting Events Will Make Shopping More Fun

As their commitment to always spoil their visitors, malls and shopping center started to create interesting events. There will be different event every month that will make shopping more fun. This is why people who shop at mall is happier, because they can fulfill their needs while have some fun by participating in the event.

Indonesian Independence Day Special Event, August 2017

August is so identic with events and competitions. Even malls and merchants are also hold competitions that we can participate such as singing competition, dance competition or photography and selfie competition. There will be interesting presents for the winner. Click to get the latest information related to Independence Day Competition in malls and merchants nearest you.

Shopping and Develop Your Talents at the Same Time

A lot of events are held to not only entertain us but also build up our talents. Various competitions and workshop such as dance, cooking, acting, fashion show or singing are organized to develop our hidden gift.

In special occasions like Christmas, Eid Day, New Year or Valentine, usually mall has exclusive events to celebrate it. So, we can participate or enjoy the events while shopping. Visit to get the latest information about events held by mall or merchants.

Get Hundreds Information of Events on

Hundreds of events in malls and merchants in Indonesia are updated every day. Any information about events such as band competition, coloring competition, singing competition, fashion show, mini concert and social events like donating blood in nearest mall in your city can be found on Just click Events on then you will be directed to list of events in malls in your city.