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As a social creature, people like to have interaction with others. Fortunately, technology help us to communicate with friends and family without boundaries. However, nothing can beat face to face interaction especially direct shopping because we can discuss the product with professional staff, check out the condition of products and also try it. Shopping with no risk!

The Benefit of Direct Shopping

Visiting the store in the mall give as liberty to try the product that we want to buy. Besides, pretty interior will refresh our mind and eyes after spending time in front of gadget.

Professional and friendly staff in the store will help us to choose the best product. We also can discuss the products directly with seller. The most important thing, especially for people who want to buy fashion stuff, we can try the dress, shoes or clothes.

Find Your Favorite Merchant’s Store Location on

Most of malls and shopping center have a huge building completed with hundreds of stores. That is why sometimes finding store that we want to visit is not an easy task to do. But, you will not face this problem by accessing while shopping.

Sophisticated search engine on will help you to get an information related to store location such as malls, floor, unit and map. Furthermore, promotions, coupons and events of merchants will you get as well.

Shop in Ease with

Each person has their own needs. Hence, separated products into 16 categories to help us get the right information like we wanted. Categories on such as men’s fashion, women’s fashion, health and beauty, optical, jewelry and watches, food and beverages, supermarket and department store, cinema and entertainment, books and stationary, furniture and household, electronics and gadget, gift, hobbies and music and others.

Just click one or some categories and you will be given list of store location related. In addition, information about promotions, sales, discounts, events and coupons are also provided. Wherever you go, you can get the latest information of mall and merchants all around Indonesia.