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Shopping is something that can’t be separated from our life whether to meet our fashion needs, groceries, electronics, cosmetics and many more. In order to fulfill various needs, people tend to go to the mall. One stop shopping concept that mall brought make us can shop a lot of stuff in one place.

Besides, promotions and sale that held by malls and merchants are one of the reason why people are more excited to shop offline. Because of various stuff that need to be bought, unwittingly we prefer to shop in special price especially at special moments like Eid Day, Christmas, New Year, etc.

Be a Smart Shopper with Promotions and Discounts

Who doesn’t want to save more money? Because of a lot of stuff that need to be bought, we are required to be a smart shopper by make a plan before shopping. It only can be done by knowing the latest information related to products that we want to buy like their promotions, discounts, sale and many more., the first mall, stores, deals directory web-application, is the answer of this problem. provides the most complete information about promotions, discounts, deals of malls and retails. By knowing these information before go to the mall, we can make a shopping plan.

Special Promotions "Indonesian Independence Day" August 2017

August is a special month for all Indonesian because years ago we announced our Independence Day in this month. This is why almost all malls and merchants give special promotions due to “Hari Kemerdekaan” or Independence Day 17th August 2017. Hundreds of interesting promotions from many kinds of merchants such as food and beverage, beauty and health, fashion and even supermarkets are cannot be missed. Visit before shopping to get various information about latest promotions and discount from your favorite merchants and malls.

Hari Belanja Diskon Indonesia

Hippindo and Ministry of Tourism held an event called Hari Belanja Diskon Indonesia (HBD Indonesia). A lot of merchants in the malls give special discounts and promotions that hardly to resist. This event is held form 17th-20th August 2017 with huge discounts that you can enjoy. Click to get the latest information related promotions, events, coupons and location of malls and merchants nearest you., The Most Complete Information About Promotions and Discounts keep updating the latest information related to promotions, discounts and other deals. Everyone has their own 16 categories of products provided by will help us to find the best offer. By selecting the product category, you will get promotion as you wish because basically each person has different interests and needs. Some people want to complete their fashion stuff, some people want to buy sports equipment but others want to buy jewelry.

Being a Smart Shopper with

One of the reason why we buy a product impulsively is because we shop with no plan. This kind of the habit is the main reason why you can’t save money. But you don’t need to worry anymore because we can make a shopping plan with to prevent it.

By accessing before go to the mall you will get latest information about promotions in mall and retail that you want to visit. Just click on your desktop or smartphone browser, no need to download anything, hundreds information in your nearest mall will you get directly., the first web-application with geo-location and smart searching feature enable the chance for you to get personalized information based on location and search keywords.