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The dense of our daily activities, be it work, college or school, always made some human needs some entertainment to keep them away from stress. But unfortunately the short leisure time cause it to be impossible to be on vacation out of town.

To handle this problem, mall and shopping center started to maximize their performance by being the best place to looking for some entertainment. The assumption that the mall is just for shopping slowly began to shift, because various activities can already be found there.

Shopping at Mall will be More Fun

There a lot of way to refreshing your brain and body after working hard all day long. One of it is with visiting mall of shopping district after works.

Excellent decoration will spoil our eyes. Every months every mall have their own theme to decorating theirs building. At the special day like Christmas, Eid Mubarak, valentine or New Year, some malls already have some special decorations. Renewal also is one of mall agenda so their customers never be boring when they visiting the malls.

With commitment to spoil their customers, various promo and great event always available every months. In collaborations with their tenant, mall always have some big discount that will be a great mistake if you miss it. Mid-night sale is one of the special promotions that will always customer wanted.

When we shopping we can be accompany with famous singer that enliven the mall’s event. Event that full with cheer fullness will always enliven the atmosphere. Lot of competition will always be there to sharpen the skill of their customers.

As a form of appreciation to their customers, some mall always gives their loyal member or theirs customers a lot of gift.

Mall, more than shopping place

The completeness of the tenants will also help to complete your needs at once. You only need to go to one mall only without need to go to the others mall to complete your stuff.

Not only for shopping, you also can get a lot of entertainment needs like watching movies, enjoying the ongoing event, playing at theme park with your kids, solving escape room problem with your friends or just singing together at karaoke room with your lovers. Also there is mall that provides some education tenant to help your kids to study like language course, mathematics course or art course.

Visiting Malls with

Hundreds of mall from Indonesia are present in to make your travelling life easier. Geo-location system that use will always guide you to the nearest mall and shopping district around you.

When opening mall page that you want to see, various information like the newest promo from mall or tenant, event that take place there, tenant locations and various coupon vouchers that you can get will be showing automatically.