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Gotomalls – Shopping Malls, Brands, Events and Promotion Directory

Gotomalls is the number #1 and largest directory in Indonesia and Singapore provide the most complete information about your favorite shopping malls in your city.

Gotomalls established to help you, smart shopper's to get an updated and the latest information about malls and brands. Gotomalls gives latest promotions, discounts, shopping vouchers from your favorite stores or brands and the latest events in shopping malls around you.

Gotomalls gives a new experience which will make you feel easier and more efficient to do a shopping activities. By visiting Gotomalls, you can find various information you want, starting from latest promotions, discounts and events that updated every day. You can get an updated information from your favorite shopping malls.

Updated information and Gotomalls main feature

There are various features to ensure all your shopping activities as comfortable as possible while you shop on the shopping malls. One them are search and contextual features that make it easier for users to find the location of shopping malls, merchants, outlets, promotions, discount vouchers and various other attractive offers. We also provide the best discount and promo information which will fit on your interest.

Gotomalls geo-location and proximity marketing features allows Gotomalls to detect user location and displays the latest information on the nearest shopping malls. Smart shopper need to take advantage of these two features, so users will easily find information from the nearest shopping malls and updated promotions.

Gotomalls presents personalized push notifications, so users will get the latest information about the latest promotions, event and coupons that match the user's profile and browsing history. The features presented by customer-oriented Gotomalls were built with high technology. Now the users can follow their favorite brands and shopping malls to get the latest updates promo these days and other information.

As of July 2016 until now, Gotomalls provides an updated information for 438 shopping malls, 8.689 brands and 33.030 stores on 85 different cities in Indonesia.

With hundreds of shopping malls and thousands of merchants, Gotomalls provides the latest information about a variety of coupons, discounts, buy 1 get 1 promotions, midnight sales, shopping vouchers, shopping coupons, events and all complete malls profile information and merchants.

Gotomalls changes the Online to Offline user

In addition, Gotomalls as a website-based application and online marketing platform which aims to convert online users into offline buyers by providing some relevant information regarding shopping malls, outlets, as well as updated promotions and ongoing events.

Gotomalls is not only for customers, but also provides interesting benefits for retailers. Gotomalls becomes bridge between online and offline shoppers. Gotomalls informs online shoppers to re-visit offline retailers and reactivate offline shopping behavior. One of the features presented by Gotomalls is a review & rating feature. Reviews allow users to share their opinion about a product or service. Retailers easily get a valuable input from these reviews in order to improve their services.

Another beneficial information from GoToMall is Gotomalls provides some discount coupons both free and paid which can be used directly on the related merchant. Free coupons can be directly owned by users with just one click and redeem directly in the merchants in the shopping malls. Gotomalls also provides a paid coupons with a cheaper price that can be purchased by users and can be redeemed on the merchant. What's important is that users must be at the store location to use coupons. Eating and shopping will also be more efficient with discount coupons from Gotomalls.

Cheap Pulsa in Gotomalls

Gotomalls pulsa features can be enjoyed by all users. Buy pulsa and data package now is so much easier, users can access directly Gotomalls wherever and whenever else. Buy pulsa on Gotomalls can be done quickly, easily and safely. Enjoy latest promotions from all credit providers offered by Gotomalls starting from Indosat, Telkomsel, XL, Tri, Axis, and Smartfren. User able to perform transaction easily and safety using GoPay & ShopeePay. Make sure when you buy pulsa and data package promo on Gotomalls, you have to make sure your GoPay & ShopeePay balance is enough!

Gotomalls will continue to develop and add some new features to encourage more users to get the latest information in shopping malls and improve users shopping experience.

Gotomalls always provides the latest updates every day both latest promotions, discounts and also ongoing events. Also make sure you are already a Gotomalls user to enjoy all the feature in your own hands.

Let's hurry and visit the nearest shopping mall in your city and check Gotomalls to get all the latest promo informations, discounts, coupons, and events. Don't miss a special offer! Get today's exclusive prices promotions from leading and most favorite brands in the nearest shopping malls.